Video Slots and Slot Games facts

Video Slots - Koi Princess Casino Slot

Video Slots – Koi Princess Casino Slot

Video Slot machines came up with the advancement of technology and are quite new in the world of slot games. Previously gambling was only limited to casinos, coins, chips, and cards. Video slots are available online and have spread the world of casinos. With the element of moving images, people are more attracted to this kind of gaming slot.

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One of the main differences between video slots and classic slot machines is in the way payouts are calculated. With classic slots, the only way to win the maximum jackpot is to play the maximum number of coins. With video slots, the fixed payout values are multiplied by the number of coins per line that is being bet. In other words: on a classic casino slot, the odds are less unfavorable if the gambler plays with the maximum number of coins available. You will also find a big difference in the graphical layout.

Movies becomes Slot Games

Game of Thrones Slot

Game of Thrones Slot

There are many variations, which means that there are games for all people. There are lots of variations on themes and appearances. Like movies or TV-series becomes slot games or known stories of people, well mostly can be found among the games. Because video slots are so incredibly popular there are games developed all the time. Some of the developers are NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and Playtech. Game of Thrones Slot was a popular online slot from the beginning. All the fans went crazy the first days after the release. But this is not the only slot in this category. Jurassic Park is another great video slot. The first Jurassic Park slot game was released a few years ago. It was a success so they had to make a later version of it. Even the second slot release was a success. So it seems like there is a huge interest in making video slots based on movies.

Origination of video slots

The first video slot machine was invented by Walt Fraley. The video slots first appeared in 1975. ‘Fortune coin‘ was the name of the game that was played as the first video slot game. The video slot gaming was not a hit in the beginning as most of the players had trust issues and preferred to remain intact with their own old gaming styles. However, in 1976 a famous manufacturer of slots of the time encouraged and convinced the people to try this new form of jackpot gaming with his exceptional marketing tricks. From that lucky year, video slots found their special place in the market. Today, video slots are found both online and in casinos. The people can enjoy the pleasure of this kind of gaming whenever and wherever.

Casino Slot Machines History

A casino slot is a gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. Casino Slots are also known as one-armed bandits because they were originally operated by one lever on the side of the machine as opposed to a button on the front panel, and because of their ability to leave the gamer impoverished. Many modern slot games are still equipped with a legacy lever in addition to the button. A gambler strategically operating multiple slots in order to draw the highest possible profits is called a multi-armed bandit. Playing at video slots has become incredibly popular.

Typical casino slot machines

There are various kinds slot machines present in almost every casino. Thrills Casino for instance, has over 800 slot machines to play. There might be many video slots, but the working may differ. However, the foremost thing all the basic slot machines require is a ‘coin‘ needed to play that machine. One must be aware of the working of the type of machine he is dealing with.

Video Slot Features

  • Multiplier – The multiplier slot machine is present in almost every casino worldwide. It is a frequently used machine and is considered as a simple gambling machine. As its name specifies, it multiplies the number of coins played. For example, if the multiplier rewards 10 coins when a single coin is played, it will reward with 20 coins when a second coin is inserted and the multiplication continues. This kind of machine is used by players who are usually looking for playing a single coin at a time.
  • Bonus Multiplier – The bonus multiplier is pretty much like a simple multiplier, however, it rewards only when a maximum number of coins are played. For example, the machine may offer 1000 for a single coin, 2000 for 2 coins and a million for maximum coins. While playing on this machine one needs to figure out the trick before playing another coin.
  • Varied Pay line – This kind of slot machine has many lines of play. Current machines have at most nine lines. Previously, people used to play on three lines only. Every coin inserted picks up a random line and activates it. However, winning is not that easy. You don’t just get your reward by hitting a line that is not activated.
  • Buy-a-Pay – Buy a Pay machines are the most difficult to tackle as they offer a different pay out every time a coin is played. There is a reason they say that don’t step into the casino with a fist full of luck. To get the advantage out of this machine one needs to offer a maximum number of coins to win the jackpot. This slot machine is usually used by players who have a large number of coins to offer.

Why are Video Slots so popular?

Most of the new video slots are made with a high-end graphic layout. And some might event have 3D effects. The gaming experience can be much better than the old school three wheel gaming. Classic Casino slots are very basic in many ways. You have one payline, maybe three in some slot games but not more. The classic slots are pretty much like the old one-armed bandits in a virtual environment. It´s no doubt that the video slots are the most popular today. But among experienced players, the classic casino slots are still very popular. Especially if the player is looking for jackpots and not into the gaming experience.

How does a casino slot actually work?

We are focusing on online slots on this site. But there are also casino slot machines at land based casinos. They can be either electronic or mechanical. The mechanical is the original version and they are not very common today. Today it is the more modern electronic slot games dominate. Whether the game is online, or mechanically it operates with a random function. For online slots, it´s programmed in the game how all the possible outcomes generate profit or not and what each outcome brings in different contexts. Depending on how many lines, bet or maybe if it’s a bonus game involved for instance

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July 23rd, 2015