Play Slot Games Online

It’s not easy convincing people that your online casino is one of the best out there. You got to make sure your site works smoothly, the promotions have to be attractive – yet believable – and of course all the slots and casino card games need to be top of the line, both in design and playability as well as implementation for modern mobile devices.

The Stargames casino has turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises we could experience in the past month. Not only do they do offer an absolutely insane amount of slot games, their portfolio of skill games, casino card games and even live games make it a juggernaut not to be missed!

Stargames Bonus

Creating your account on their site is a matter of seconds, signing in and charging your account with cash works flawlessly and will be rewarded with a 100% first deposit bonus on their part. They couldn’t make it easier to get started if they tried.

Additionally, the casino also offers bonus reward levels scaling with activity (how many games and rounds you have played) and deposit habits (how many times did you flush a little bit of money into your account) to determine your monthly cash bonus. Rewards begin at 3€ every month and scale up to a 100€ wired directly into your account every 4 weeks. On top of that reaching the higher bonus levels also means you get an increase on your point accumulation rate, eventually making you snowball with your points!

Slots and Games

After browsing and testing all their games for nights on end we can say one thing for sure: Stargames might just be the best place to play slot games online – especially considering the quality of their slot portfolio. Original Novomatic quality should ring more than a few bells with most of you, these slots are renown around the world for a reason after all! From absolute classics like Book of Ra to goldies like Reel King or Golden Sevens, they got them all polished to a shine.

But it’s not just their slots, the diverse array of skill games and especially their casino card games manage to lure in thousands of players every day. And these players literally come from everywhere across the globe. And if that’s not enough for you, why, relax at their Live Video Poker stations and play some small blinds to test new strategies with. The only thing you are really risking here is to be exposed to simply too much of a choice!

Mobile Devices & Smartphones

Stargames Casino has recently revamped their entire site and made all their portals 100% responsive and mobile ready. During our numerous test runs both Android and iOS native and downloadable browsers loaded their games without a hitch.

Payment, Security and Support

Payouts are flexible and can be requested at any time. Their FAQ section covers most topics and the schedules are clearly laid out – a degree transparency serious gamers will appreciate without a doubt. The site has also been certified with digicert for all log in & transactional interactions, and should – despite all these precautions – problems arise, then their e-mail support is known to be one of the best in the business; they even guarantee replies within 10 business days!