Valentine’s day

It’s time for Valentine’s Day! This glorious tradition that brightens our lives with magic together with someone that you treasure and love. Dinners, flowers, chocolate and a bunch of other things related to Valentine’s Day. But that’s up to each one to find out what applies. It’s all up to your imagination. On we like to take a moment to play various games that we like. All our favourite games, this day is the favorite games day. They get a little extra attention. What are your favorite games right up to you, there are no rules. If you like a game, regardless of category, it is the game just right to engage yourself to this day of Valentine.

The story behind Valentine’s day

How did it all begin? Yes, we’ll see if we can clarify this a little. Valentine’s day origins of a person, Saint Valentinus. But who was this Valentinus is somewhat unclear. There are several people in the history between the third and fourth century. Information on these is pretty unclear. It is said that Saint Valentinus gave the sight back to a prision gurds daughter.

Later a connection to romance and love which possibly arose from a belief that birds looked for and found a partner in the middle of February. This was a source of inspiration to young boys and girls to find out who would be their “Valentine“. Later in the 14th century it was the day of celebration of youth and love in England and France. Coupling games were common elements in the celebration. A bit like matching symbols in a slot game.

Valentine’s day in modern times

Nowadays we still associate Valentine with love and romance. Flowers and chocolates are sold in quantities and dinners are enjoyed both at home and in restaurants. One tip, if you haven’t booked a table yet it may be a good idea to shop something nice to cook for the evening. There is a risk that much is fully booked by now.

Games on Valentine’s Day

We have collected the best online casino bonuses and freespins around Valentine’s day:

February 11th, 2016