Classic Slots

Slot machines online are the most popular gambling method in online casinos. The Classic Slots are counted in. Most games have a variety of winning combination of symbols, often posted on the face of the casino slot machine. If a player matches a combination according to the rules of the game, the slot machine credits the player cash or free spins. The amount of cash or free spins the player will win from winning combination depends on the type of slot and the type of combination. Some slots might also have a jackpot that you can win. A regular jackpot might be a high amount of money that you win if you hit a special combination of symbols.

Classic Slots - Slot Machines in the early days

Landbased Classic Slots

There is also slots that have a progressive jackpot that is shared between slot machines or even between casinos. The progressive jackpots are much higher than the regular jackpot. Those slots are known as progressive slots. Jackpots and Progressive jackpots exist on both classic slots and video slots. The chance to win a progressive jackpot might be low, but if you win the big jackpot it will chance your life forever.

What are Classic Slots?

Classic slot machines use mechanical reels. The games do not offer any bonuses rather they are straightforward games. Classic slots are among the early invented slot games. They originated from the earliest poker machines. The earliest poker machine was invented in the 19th century by Sitt and Pittman. Classic slots are very well known in the world of casinos as they are very straightforward and simple to deal in. The classic slot machines are very easy to operate and thus are widely used by many beginners. Despite being an easy game, classic slots have offered huge jackpots. Among the very popular classics in the world of jackpot slots are White, Blue and Red slots.

History of Classic Slot Machines

Charles Fey created the first classic slot machine. The slot machine had three reels and was called the ‘Liberty Bell‘ All the basic classic slot machines today have a similar outlook as that of the earliest classic machine made by Fey. In 1907, Herbert Mills produced a new sort of classic slot machine which took its inspiration from the Liberty Bell. His classic slot was more like classic fruit machine that consisted the symbol of fruits- lemons, plums, and cherries. The rules were also very much alike the ones of the earliest slot machines. This slot machine became widely popular and is still used today.

Classic Slots vs Video Slots

Video Slot - Glow

Video Slot – Glow

There are some differences between video slots and the classic slots. One is in the way you calculate the payouts. The only way to win the maximum jackpot with classic casino slots is to play the maximum number of coins. With video slots, the fixed payout values are multiplied by the number of coins per line that is being bet. In other words: on a classic casino slot, the odds are less unfavorable if the gambler plays with the maximum number of coins available. As an example, on the Wheel of Fortune classic slot, the player must play 3 coins per spin to be eligible to trigger the bonus round and possibly win the jackpot. On the Wheel of Fortune video slot, the chances of triggering the bonus round or winning the maximum jackpot are exactly the same regardless of the number of coins bet on each line.

Special types of Classic slots

There are several different types of classic slots. If you go to any online casino with slot machines you will find them categorized. Each slot can exist in one or more category and you can filter and search for you favorite. Casinos online give you a good welcome bonus when registering at their casino, and many times its free spins. These free spins are in some casinos free to spend, but often they are limited to one slot machine. And I would say that in 99 out of 100, this slot is a video slot. But if there is a release of a classic slot, you could get free spins during the release party of that online slot. Read more about the different types of classic slots below.

Fruit Slots

Stickers Slot

Stickers Slot

Fruit slots are one of the very popular classic slots and are liked by players worldwide. It has been reported that in many casinos and gaming areas the word ‘classic slots‘ have been replaced by fruit slots. The name describes the symbols of the game clearly. Lemons, cherries, and plums are the players’ favorite symbols. Despite the symbols and the name, these slots are quite identical to the standard classic slots. However, a few additional features are responsible for making the fruit slots more popular among the players. Stickers Slot is one example of a popular fruity slot.

Reel Slot with Bonus Awards for Maximum Coins

This kind of slot machine was used a lot in the olden times but today it is considered out of date. The slot made use of one, two or three coins at the most. The chances of winning the jackpot increased when played with three coins. It offered players bonuses and extra prizes as well when played with a maximum number of coins. This classic slot machine was the start of something that has become very big today.

Reel Classic Slots with Bonus Games

Because of the advantage of bonus games, this type of classic slots have earned popularity in a large number of online casinos. It uses three or four reels in its classic game. There is always a bonus game for the player no matter the value he offered. However, the bonus game requires some special tricks and is usually not an easy catch. This is why this kind of slots is so popular today. LeoVegas Mobile Casino does often give out free spins on this kind of slot.

Reel with Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are gaining popularity day by day. They are the players’ favorite because of numerous advantages and more chances of winning the game. However, the progressive slots are considered among the most difficult games to tackle in the world of slots and jackpots. It might be difficult, but the prize is very high. If you ever win a progressive jackpot when playing on classic slot machines, it will be life changing.

Payout Lines

Paylines in Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah with 25 Paylines

The first type of classic slots had three reels. You could win on one payline. You had to get all three symbols in the middle at the end of the game to win. But today’s slot machines online are much more sophisticated than that and allow for a win on many other options. They have something called lines that you choose how many you like to pay for. If you get a win or not, and how much your payout is determined by the combination of the bet per line and number of paylines. The wage is multiplied by the number of lines and then you get the total bet. The more selected lines, the higher the chance. And of course, the higher bet then the winnings is also higher.

On some jackpots such as progressive jackpots, you must pay the max to have a chance to win the big jackpot. If you are lucky you can win the big jackpot on your first bet. There are examples of those who have won millions of money on small bets. There are even examples of those who won on free spins that some casino hands out sometimes. The number of paylines in a slot depends on the type of slot. You can find slots with a single payline, and there are video slots with more than 50 paylines.

Classic Slots Reviews

July 23rd, 2015